Having a ‘get through’ day today

One of those today I’m afraid.  Absolutely cream crackered for no discernible reason, so, rather than using my precious hour when Little Dude has his nap to clean the house or work, I have instead lay on the sofa and am now talking to you!

It is probably something to do with the weather- pretty overcast and grey out there today after a couple of weeks of glorious weather.  Ho hum.

having a 'get through' day

I’m also waiting on the arrival of a new laptop ordered via Ebay, which, if it doesn’t arrive today, makes me think there is a bit of a scam involved.  I’m thinking that because I managed to get a new HP Elitebook G1 at virtually a third of the cost…and as we all know, you don’t get something for nothing in this world! It also seems to be taking forever to get here, so we’ll see…

Apart from that, no big news- house is still on the market- there has been interest and most people think it is fairly priced, so we’ll see…Ho hum…

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