What the heck has happened to reliability??

There is nothing worse than having someone agree to do something for you, and then just not showing up to do it.  I am not talking about friends or family here, I am talking about tradespeople- people who are actually going to earn money from you for doing what you ask of them.

I have had a leaky roof for quite some time at my house, and given that I am about to sell it, I wanted to get it fixed now before it becomes something that someone thinks entitled them to a £5k discount after a survey has been carried out.  With that in mind, I duly asked my Facebook friends for roofer recommendations and both came up with the same one- this guy called Andy.

He then came round, gave me a quote for work, told me it would happened the following week because he was getting someone else on board because he was inundated with work.  And that was that.  I rang him at the end of that week to be told that it would be the following week whilst I was on holiday.  When I got back from holiday, the work still hadn’t been done, so I rang him again, to be told it was going to be last weekend or in the week at the latest.

Still hasn’t been done.  the same thing happened with a handyman whom I have used previously.  he told me to ring him when I got back off of holiday to do some work last week- I did, and no reply, I texted, and no reply.  I have bathroom flooring that luckily, through another friend I have got someone coming to fit on Monday.

What is it with these people??  What happened to ‘if you are going to say you will do a job, you will do it?  As a consequence of the roofer issue,another friend recommended that I use the Rated People website where you post details of your job & then get call-backs from tradesmen- you can also see how they’ve been ‘rated’ by others.

This I did, at about 9.30 am.  By 10.30, a guy had been round, given me a quote and promised to do the job on Monday..I will let you know how it turns out..


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