Philip Seymour Hoffman- the demons are always lurking

Tragic, tragic loss of talent once again this weekend.  Philip Seymour Hoffman- without doubt one of the most talented but also interesting actors working today.

He had been clean of drugs for more than twenty years, but his death just goes to show that addiction is a disease which never leaves you.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman in his Oscar winning role as Truman Capote.

In response to his death the actor Shawn Pyfrom wrote a lovely blog post ‘outing’ himself and his own addiction issues which you can read here: in which he talks about his own battle with addiction and the fact that he is now five months clean.

He talks about how he no longer struggles with his addictions, but I think the case of Philip Seymour Hoffman shows that for an addict, it is called a struggle for a reason- there will be times, whether it be the breakdown of a relationship, the death of a loved-one, or some other, equally tragic and negative situation, where the demon will try to take hold of him again.  To survive through that is when he will know that he is really managing and beating his addictions, but there will never be an end to the battle.

I guess the joy for him is that he knows that there is a battle.  There are many. many people out there, (my ex-partner The Frenchman included) who have no idea that they are even involved in a war, but yet everyday they lose a bit more of themselves and have no idea that it is even happening…

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