REMO (Reciprocal Enforcement Maintenance Order) Update

AS you might have noticed from this post, it seems that trying to obtain a REMO order (Reciprocal Enforcement Maintenance Order) in this country is as easy as pulling teeth.  On the 8th October I discovered that despite sending my information into the Manchester Justice Centre, four months earlier it was still sat on a desk and was only sent down to the legal team on that particular day.

Well, two weeks ago I finally obtained said ‘paperwork’ which is basically a questionnaire that you fill out regarding your and your ex-partner’s income which then gets sent to the REMO unit in London.  I did this immediately and have rung the REMO unit in London today for an update…only to not get through.

In response to that, I then sent them an email which garnered me an automated response…. attached to which are links to download the appropriate pieces of paperwork that I had been waiting four months to obtain from Manchester Justice Centre- agh!- comes to mind.

So, for anyone else about to go through this process, I am going to save you months of waiting for nothing and attach the links here so that you can at least get something done a bit quicker than I have managed to!
Information about the Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders (REMO) process and the details of the role of the REMO Unit can be found in the REMO guidance leaflet. This can be found at:

Application forms, and guidance for their completion, can be found at:

Obviously, you need to make sure that you read all of this thoroughly to ensure that you fill in the right form, and clearly, if it takes four months to happen at Manchester justice Centre, it might take you a very long time indeed…:)

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