Recaro Young Sport- updated car seat choice!

Right, well, in my last post, I was determined that I would be buying the Maxi-Cosi Axiss car seat after receiving recommendations.  However, after speaking to a friend of mine who has two young kids, she very kindly pointed out that I am effectively paying over the odds for a swivelling car seat, which, having a camper van is quite frankly unnecessary.

So, I have gone with her recommendation which was to go onto the Which website and look at the ‘best buys’ for children’s car seats.  Amongst the best buys was the Recaro Young Sport child’s car seat which is actually a group 1/2/3 so in theory should last little dude until he is eleven years old! (We’ll see!).

The Recaro Young Sport retails at £160- HOWEVER!! as you will see below, I got mine for much less than that!

  • I went onto Quidco, the cashback website and searched for Recaro Young Sport.  Depending on the retailer, there are various percentages of cashback on offer from 1.5 to 8%
  • I looked at the Boots website where the Recaro Young Sport black car seat was for sale at £160, but the Recaro Young Sport Cherry car seat was for sale at £136…
  • Funnily enough, I had been clearing out my desk that day and found a voucher from the Boots Parenting Club (you get a pack from Boots to join this when you first have a baby) which gave me £25 off any car seat over £100.
  • When I went onto the Boots website via Quidco, I also discovered that they were doing £5 off every £50 spend.

So…all in all:

  • The Recaro Young Sport was reduced from £160 to £136
  • I then had the £25 off Boots parenting Club voucher
  • I then got £10 off because I was spending  £100.

The Recaro Young Sport car seat therefore cost me £97…added to which I got 8% cashback via Quidco (£7.76)

I also added my Boots Advantage card to the purchase which, being in the Boots parenting club gives you ten times as many Boots points on baby products for the first year…so I got 1340 Boots points (the price of the car seat before the money off coupons), which are worth £13.40.

If you take the value of the Boots points into consideration and add on the Quidco cashback, the Recaro Young Sport Car seat effectively cost me the grand total of £75.84…not bad from an original price of £160!!.

the Recaro Young Sport was ordered on Monday, delivered by Wednesday(for free) and is now sat in my kitchen waiting to go into the car- review to follow!


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