What is the point of being in the European Union??

Right, I’m talking completely from my own perspective here, in relation to trying to get financial support for my son from The Frenchman.

Back in June I emailed The Frenchman writing out a complete list of everything that having the Little Dude has cost so far and what ongoing costs are likely to be.  I didn’t even include the cost of the now ridiculous trip to visit him so that he could show off his son to his family in May.  I then asked for a monthly contribution of 300 Euros towards his son’s maintenance.  Hos response?  He sent me an email saying ‘I think you’ve been hacked’- i.e. I couldn’t possibly have been sending him an email asking for maintenance for his son could I?

As I consequence of this, I then rang the CSA, only to be told that because he was resident in France, they would not be dealing with it and instead I would have to get a REMO- Reciprocal Enforcement Maintenance order put in place which is basically a maintenance order issued in this country which is then in theory…enforced by the French courts.

So, I duly carried myself to the Manchester Courts of Justice where I was told to submit as many details as I could in writing…which I did…on the 24th July.  Despite having rung three times, I am as yet to even receive an acknowledgement, let alone information as to whether this case is progressing.

So what, I ask you, is the point of being in the European Union??  Having read a number of discussion forums on the subject of REMO orders, it seems that it could literally be years before I see any progress with this, and as for the chances of getting it backdated…

European Union- not worth the Euro MP's vast expense accounts...

European Union- not worth the Euro MP’s vast expense accounts…

I will however, stick with this- I ummmed and ahhhed as to whether this was the right thing to do for quite some time, but ultimately, The Frenchman is my son’s father…he lives in a large house in Champagne which is fully paid for and has never had to worry about money in his life.  The fact that because he me someone else and so decided after dragging me 700 miles to France with a four-month old that he then did not want anything to do with him, is not my fault or my son’s, so even if I end up getting 10 euros a week in five years time, I will stick with this- he is a 36 year old man, not a 15 year old.

Should it really be this difficult and complex though?  Isn’t the fact that we are in the European Union meant to make getting this sort of red tape a hell of a lot easier?  I will be ringing the REMO unit back this afternoon, but if there is still no progress after two and a half months then I think the next course of action open to me has to be to get in contact with my MP or the children’s minister if such a person exists…


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