It’s been a while!

Oh dear.  I really can’t believe how long it has been since I posted on here- time really does fly!

So what have I been up to?  In between being a mother to my smashing little boy who is about to turn 9 months, i have also been job hunting, doing quite a lot of online work such as developing a blog in the marketing arena that I work in.  This has been pretty time-consuming, but now appears to be paying off as it is delivering me consultancy work which is fantastic, so all in all, things are good!

Still had the odd bit of hassle from The Frenchman, but nothing that I haven’t come to expect and to be honest, dealing with that is probably half the reason why I haven’t been on here, whereas in actual fact, venting on here always works so well for me!

In terms of the Little Dude, he is terrific- I really have been blessed with a fantastic little boy.  We have pretty much jumped the hurdle that is weaning now and he is, to put it mildly, eating like a horse.

Personally, life has been fairly quiet, as much about reserving the pennies whilst I get my new consultancy business off of the ground, but that’s no bad thing- I have done a fair bit of living in my time!

One decision I have made though, is that I do want to, longer term move back to Chamonix or somewhere thereof.  To be able to bring my son up there, rather than here, enjoying the outdoor lifestyle everyday is my ultimate aim.  Interestingly enough, virtually everyone I have voiced this to, bar my sister (who has turned out to be the most fantastic auntie & will travel from Ireland to babysit for me on a couple of day’s notice), think that it is a ridiculous pipe dream and that I should ‘buckle down’ and focus on making a life here….knock me but not my dreams (to paraphrase)…I have done my calculations and by 2017 monetarily it should hopefully be a possibility…watch this space.

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