Losing your temper with a small child

by DisgruntledDids on April 9, 2014

It seems impossible, before you have children, to think that this little small bundle will drive you to the end of your tether and beyond, but believe me it does happen.
I had one of those days yesterday. I woke about five times in the night, having vivid dreams that Little Dude was either in my bed or at least not in his own. They were so vivid that I ended up going to check on him three times, which, as you can imagine led to a bit of a lack of sleep.
So yesterday essentially became a ‘get-through’ day which was exactly what it was. Three lots of food-breakfast, lunch and supper, all got flung across the room and I think in total, Little Dude ate half a bowl of Ready Brek and a crumpet- not exactly meeting his five-a-day.
angry mother
There were moments when I felt an absolute rage building- which, when you go through life not behaving like that is frightening. Since I have moved back to the UK, i have found that my circle of friends has become increasingly smaller- you are not part of your friends who are long established as families, and yu are no longer a singleton, able to large it at a moment’ notice. That, coupled with working from home means that you have limited interaction with other adults, all of which I’m sure would help to stave off the torrents of emotion that can run through your body.
The whole ‘single parent ‘thing doesn’t help either. I do, in all honesty, raise an eyebrow at those people who describe themselves as single parents who actually share custody of their children. Being a single parent does not give you every second weekend off and even maybe a night in the week to go to the cinema or a yoga class. It is a relentless, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week endeavour which does result in you losing your rag from time to time.
That aside, and with alovely sleeping Little Dude upstairs who will no doubt fling his lunch across the kitchen in an hour, I wouldn’t change it for all the tea in China (and I love tea).


Ezee reach Stay Put Bowl and cutlery- don’t bother!

by DisgruntledDids on April 6, 2014

I saw the Ezee Reach Stay Put bowl and cutlery in John Lewis and thought’ ooh that looks like a good idea!’

It was the biggest waste of £7.52 in existence.  None of the suckers keep the product stuck down as it is supposed to, and even if it did, the cutlery would then be unmanageable because the coil part is too short!  Added to that, it is not supposed to be used in the dishwasher or in the microwave points which are absolutely unforgivable in any baby product if you ask me!

So really, if you see the Ezee Reach Stay Put bowl and cutlery set- don’t waste you money- just get yourself some cheap little plastic bowls from corner shop and accept that for the next few months you will have food flying across your kitchen.  it is inevitable don’t try to fight it.


REMO saga rumbles on…

by DisgruntledDids on March 31, 2014

Ah…and breathe… I knew this REMO (Reciprocal Enforcement of a Maintenance Order) business was not going to be simple, straightforward or quick but really…

The latest letter that I have received from the REMO unit in London has simply been forwarded on from the French courts.  it is basically a letter telling me that in order to get a REMO order issued in france (and remember, no order has yet even been made or even had the sniff or a courtroom in nine months) then I need to apply for French Legal Aid.

So, I managed to download a link to the French legal aid form (can’t remember where, but if it is something you are interested in, then just give me a shout and I will let you know) and have now duly filled that in, ready to send off with a copy of the letter from the French courts to the courthouse in Reims which is where The Frenchman is from and where this case will, apparently, be heard.

What a complete palaver.  There is still a large part of me that feels ‘is this really worth it?’, but then I remember that even 100Euro a month tucked away for the next 17 years could be a nice little nest egg from the Little Dude, so yes, it is worth it.

I still don’t understand how, as a man, knowing you have a child, you could be so unwilling to support them.  Personally I would feel embarrassed every day of my waking life as I spend money on new shoes for my girlfriend, or Champagne for my friends, but I guess that is why he is the person he is-he has no empathy or feelings for the things that are imprtant in life.

Ho hum…what goes around comes around…one would hope…