My last post here…

moving on

Hello all, and thanks for tuning in.  Well, I am off.  In more ways than one.  I have sold my house, so in the next few months, I’ll be making the move back to my beloved French Alps to try and build a life for me & the Little Dude there.   I just feel […]

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In any aspect of life…

Why is the terrorism in Gaza not being condemned?

gaza one

It feels quite shocking as an individual to feel that we have absolutely no power to do anything about what happens in Gaza. Israel talks about wanting to put an end to ‘Hamas terrorism’ but what is terrorism? Terrorism by definition is: 1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political […]

Having a ‘get through’ day today

having a 'get through' day

One of those today I’m afraid.  Absolutely cream crackered for no discernible reason, so, rather than using my precious hour when Little Dude has his nap to clean the house or work, I have instead lay on the sofa and am now talking to you! It is probably something to do with the weather- pretty […]

‘Sometimes those who have less give more’

Found this via Snazzy Story. Sometimes the smallest of things can teach us the biggest lessons.