Unsung heroes #2- Sir Nicholas Winton

Sir Nicholas Winton, often called ‘Britain’s Schindler’ saved 669 children from the Nazi concentration camps by smuggling them out of Prague into Britain.  He kept all of this a secret until his wife found scrapbooks detailing his activities in his attic- he was later knighted for his efforts.  He dies this week at the deserved […]

Day trip to Aosta


The great thing about having a base in Chamonix is the fantastic places that are within touching distance.  For example, the cities of Milan and Turin in Italy are within three hours, as are Geneva in Switzerland and Lyon in France. The Mont Blanc Tunnel which is just about on our doorstep, is both a […]

Exercise- a little bit at a time


I was going to go for a run after dropping LD at Creche this morning, but then he said he wanted to go in his Ferrari car, so I would have been a bit scuppered as to where to put it whilst on my run.  (We do live in one of the safest places going, […]

The challenges that face single-parents.

They may be small, but single parent families can be perfectly formed.

It’s an interesting one this- because I guess the first question is, what exactly constitutes a ‘single parent’?  My definition, which you can choose to agree with or not, is that there is just you- for whatever reason, the is no mid-week night with another parent, or every second weekend to actually be allowed to […]

Book review- The Narrow Road to the Deep North

I have, by default succumbed to the Kindle way of reading. It was not on purpose, but is really down to two factors: I have not, much as I would like to, got time anymore for dawdling around bookshops I bought the Kindle Fire second-hand on Ebay in order to amuse Little Dude during flight/long […]